Grass is Greener EP

by Copycat

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Self financed, recorded, produced, no label, just 15 people in a space for a weekend with some crazy ideas.


released June 9, 2012

Music by James Atin-Godden and Copycat
Lyrics by James
Produced by Kieran Maraj and James
Mixed and Mastered by Kieran
Album art and design by Miguel Ramirez Castellanos



all rights reserved



Copycat is a large toronto-based collective started by songwriter and pianist James Atin-Godden. Their sound is very difficult to pin down, merging many musical styles into a big sonic stew. Among other elements, it incorporates pop, noise rock, impressionism, various kinds of folk music, dance, etc. ... more

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Track Name: Grass is Greener
If the grass is greener on the other side, then what’s the point of the whole damn ride,
I don’t know
If you only want what you can’t have, then you gotta take the good with the bad, choose to be happy when you’re sad, but you can’t

Summon all your courage to pick the obvious choice
But you can't cause the words don't match your voice
And you can’t give up cause that would make you insane
So you don’t build an umbrella for the rain
It multiplies every time you breathe
Like a spore in your lungs that you try to upheave
Like a jungle gym with no ladder down
Your brain makes the sound like when you hit the ground
but when the...
grass is greener on the other side you can never fully cross the fence inside your mind
If desire never leaves you alone, then you might as well be craving styrofoam, you might as well be munching on styrofoam, oh no

Raise my voice to the others, so I can make a real choice
Track Name: Matter Over Matter
do rely on useless inventions, Gears, cogs and systems get under my skin
I built a tower of parts interlocking that looks like tower that fell to the ground

We are hot iron, malleable flame
Mould us into a blade
We are wet play-dough, we never dry,
dry we’ll crumble and fade

Where do we go? How do we get back home? How do we know? How do we know where’s home?
Was it meant to be, was it meant to be

Where did the one go, mixed up divided added subtracted and multiplied
Is one group of atoms better than another is there some objective that we can decide

We are the ink and you’re the quill
we’ll start with a single word
You finish the sentence, the words dissolve
The page goes by what it’s heard

When I grow my wings, I’ll tear up the sky
Build bridges between the clouds
Fly to the bottom, and carry the world
But to what good would it amount

Can matter be better than other matter
Track Name: How The Story's Told
The coin is flipped in the air, you call it, it lands on the wrong side
You demand a recall, it’s messing with your halo
Catapulted air flow, a missile to the mind
Afraid of being left behind

Get lost in the turnstile, processed like a tomato
anywhere you go, you’re turning like a tornado
The ship breaks free from the line, the captain’s lost his compass
but the boat floats free just fine

Negative to the positive, smother the shit with gold
The boat gets lost in transit, but it bears a heavy load
That’s how the story’s told

Counting all the days until you feel in charge
You try to paint the world but it feels so large
Was I just getting lucky or was I in charge
Was I just getting lucky or was I in charge

You get four kings you win, you get five kings you lose
from the deck you never used, with the cards you always abused
because you never got to choose, always a force of gravity
So you choose to follow your muse

The flame has reached its zenith, the bomb’s waiting to explode
Annie’s finding the answers, but she bears a heavy load
And that’s how the story’s told
Track Name: Frequencies
The petroleum stations were out of service
Men in cars lined up the block
The registers were broken open
The men gave up and picked the lock
The guns we found in the schoolyard
Were already rusted through and through
We took a vote and threw them in the sewers
the best part was having the will to choose

But there we go, running away
understand your motives
There, it’s gone, it left

Sirens screamed on every side street
the world declared a state of alarm
From some ears the screams seemed empty
Frequencies not fully charged
But the air was charged if not the speakers
the winds were howling different tunes
The ocean was washing up destroyers
We kept the oil in our rooms

But there we go, running ahead
Mixing up our motives
There, it’s gone, it left

Step by step, we take our time
Track Name: Resignation
Gather all your papers lord, you ain’t got nothing at all
Your credits been rejected lord, fraud is crawling up the walls
But who cares? You’re unaware. Your peripheral catches a serpent’s glare

Battle all your battles friend, it’ll keep you on your toes
Fight against the current friend, don’t wanna get to where it flows
You’re saying no.....

Rage against your maker love, what you are is not your fault
If the picture keeps on breaking love, find a new one in the vault
You’re saying no....

Gather your resources lord, you have tapped out of it all
You’ve been writing your resignation lord, you’ll be ready for your fall
Track Name: Monster (Exclaim! Live off the floor)
Why didn’t ya tell me bout the monster

Cover me up my darling, there’s eyes in the streets at night
I’m in a steamboat on the congo, the river reflects no light

Build me a bubble my darling, tell me a tale and go home
I hear they get in your food now, I hear they come in waves from your phone

so easy does it, easy does it, never gonna catch a cold

It creeps along the stairwell, builds itself a nest behind your cupboard door
and when you’re hiding away all your trophies, it’ll snatch em up and put em on sale at the store

Blacksmith blacksmith build me some armor, I can harm anyone who would harm her
Cover my meal in polyethylene obsessively and especially me I’m one of a kind

It’s got big dark eyes, it’s got a dirty smile
it resembles satan, without the sensation
It’s got a dirty smile, it’s got your name on file
it’s been waiting a while, a long long-ass while